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Is Your Law Firm’s Website Headed for Extinction?

Dec 07, 2012 02:40 PM by
Dee Latham
Dee Latham
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Website extinction?When you think of the word extinct, what immediately pops into your head? Images of dinosaur skeletons à la "Night at the Museum"?

Believe it or not, your firm's website can become extinct as easily as a creature that dates back to the dawn of time.

There's nothing enticing about a website's functionality, images and information that screams to potential clients that you're partying like it's 1999. Distinguishing between operating as a traditional firm and using antiquated marketing methods to reach your potential clients are two different areas that need to be approached from different angles.

Businesses have moved beyond using printed directories and have embraced the nature of today's online marketing.

That's why your firm needs a presence where consumers are actively looking for legal services. And that translates to a website that has been designed and written with your audience in mind, takes into account the uniqueness of all the services your firm has to offer, and includes well-planned search engine optimization.

It may be time to evolve to a new era of online marketing.

If you're not drawing in substantial visitors to your law firm's website, or if the quality of the prospects is not what you had envisioned, there's a way to unleash a lead-generating beast with the right legal marketing expertise.

To learn more about LexisNexis® Web Visibility Solutions, contact a Law Firm Marketing Specialist today.

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