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Think like an Ancient Roman

May 17, 2013 11:51 AM by
Dee Latham
Dee Latham
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Marcus AureliusI want you to think like an ancient Roman — a fierce, strategic-minded warrior.

No, I'm not asking you to act like a gladiator (that may not go over well in the office), just to get in the competitive mindset of one during the summer months for your law firm.

Whether it's on the playing field or in the office, there is something to be said for "getting a leg up" on your opponents, or in this case, other firms in your area of practice and geography. Have you ever met a professional who doesn't want to be No. 1 in his or her field? There's no room for complacency in today's climate. But, there has to be knowledge and a strategy behind any type of game.

Taking the pulse of your law firm's competition is extremely valuable.

How are they marketing their practice? Which tactics are working for them, but maybe not as well for you? What seems to be very obvious is to do research, but not everyone has continuous access to that type of information — and if you do, how would you realign your marketing strategy and efforts?

I challenge you to go to Lawyers.comSM and search for a lawyer in your area of practice and geography. Does your profile appear?

Well, if you have a professional profile on Lawyers.com, you can download the complimentary Martindale-Hubbell® Competitive Essentials app for iPad and gain valuable competitive intelligence on Lawyers.com profiles, websites, SEO, social media presence and Martindale-Hubbell® ratings.

By knowing competitors' strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own, you'll be able to make better marketing decisions, which can lead to more client prospects and improve your firm's online visibility. The app also has reporting and smart suggestions that analyze your marketing efforts and measure ROI. Take the initiative and don't remain a spectator - the resource you need is here.

If you would like to learn more about a profile on Lawyers.com, contact a LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Specialist. Or if you already have a professional profile, download our complimentary app here.

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