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Social Media Visibility Launch Generating Buzz

Feb 03, 2012 09:53 AM by
Philip Livingston
Philip Livingston
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This week's launch at LegalTech® New York of the new LexisNexis® Social Media Visibility service - enabling solo practitioners and lawyers at smaller law firms to establish a successful social media presence - is stirring up quite a buzz.

A variety of well-respected online media sources shared the news within the first 24 hours of our announcement, including:

BtoB Magazine

LexisNexis introduces Social Media Visibility service

Law Library Blog (Stanford Law School)

LexisNexis Launches "Social Media Visibility"


LexisNexis Helps Law Firms Get Social

Reinventing Professional Services Blog (Video Featuring Samantha Miller, Director of Product Management, Website Services, LexisNexis)

Perspectives from Legal Tech New York 2012 - A CODiE, Contracts, and Client-Centered Technology

The curiosity factor is high for a service designed specifically for helping lawyers leverage social media. The concept of tapping social media to increase online visibility and engage prospective clients is not new. However, our approach of making social media more accessible for attorneys has clearly struck a chord.

As we explained in our press release from January 31st, we will help a law firm build a credible social media presence with engaging blog content and exposure on top social media sites. The service includes creation of a custom blog page, as well as assistance in crafting profiles on major social sites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and then helping develop ongoing content for posting.

This service fully encompasses social media strategy, set-up and support, but along the way, the law firm maintains full control over anything that is posted.

With more consumers using social media to find lawyers and research legal topics, we are providing firm's with an effective strategy for leveraging these channels for lead generation. And what makes our offering particularly unique is that the service is delivered by specialists with social media experience that focus exclusively on the legal services marketplace.

For more information about this new service and why it is generating buzz, please visit the Law Firm Marketing Solutions site and let us know the best way to contact you.

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