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Online Document Sharing Can Increase Client Satisfaction for Small Law Firms

May 15, 2012 10:48 AM by
Craig McGuire
Craig McGuire
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Collaborating with clients online can help set your practice apart from other small law firms you are competing with for new business.

In fact, the most recent ABA Legal Technology Survey Report from the American Bar Association reported that 72 percent of large law firms surveyed offer clients access to a secure client portal to interact, share documents securely, and transact business online.

However, only 6.4 percent of smaller firms responded that they use client extranets to service their clients.

Why the disparity? For small law firms with limited IT infrastructures, private extranets (basically password-protected websites for sharing documents) have simply been overly complex, intimidating or cost prohibitive.

However, advancements in portal technology have made it possible to deliver practical, secure, easy-to-use extranet solutions for small businesses. For instance, we offer LexisNexis® Client Center , an online client collaboration portal built directly into law firm websites (or LexisNexis Firm Manager™), specially designed for the unique requirements of the legal industry.

But whether or not you use Client Center or another option, providing an alternate to antiquated fax technology for document sharing simply impresses clients and reassures prospects.

Note that many clients may still prefer to use fax machines. But for more and more clients, online document sharing gives you the ability to deliver more efficient client service, differentiate from competitors, and reduce administrative costs – all while maintaining attorney-client privilege.

And portals, like Client Center, are easy to use for you and your clients, and provide an actual link, where your client has the added peace of mind that he can refer to a secure website to check on matters, appointments, and updates.  
Ultimately, this is an example of a good use of a technology that can have a substantial impact on how you service your clients.

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