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How Blogging Helps Small Law Firms Connect With Consumers

Aug 14, 2012 04:30 PM by
Craig McGuire
Craig McGuire
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For small law firms and solo practitioners, blogging is about building a new business pipeline.

So exactly how do blogging and social media marketing connect attorneys with consumers?

When an attorney blogs on a specific legal topic and that content is shared across social media channels (LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+TM, JD Supra®, etc.), that content may answer the legal questions consumers enter into search engines (GoogleTM, Yahoo®, BingTM, etc.). For instance:

"If my dog bit my neighbor, can my neighbor sue me?"

"When I file for bankruptcy, how will that affect my children?"

"How difficult is it to evict my tenant?"

"I was injured at my gym two years ago and my back never healed. What are my rights?"

Basically, when the search engine results return content from your blog that answers the questions consumers pose, those consumers visit your blog, become familiar with your firm, and are more likely to email or call and request a consultation.

Three Quick Tips to Make Your Blog More Consumer Friendly

Include the Right Keywords. Work with a trained keyword specialist, who can analyze search-engine trends and help you select phrases that have a higher search volume (i.e., terms consumers are more likely to enter when researching legal topics).

Write in a Consumer-Friendly Style. Make your content easy to read, relevant to the topic, and brief (fewer than 250 words is ideal). It may help to work with a trained blog copywriter to make the best use of your time and effectively promote your specific legal expertise.

Make it Easy to Contact Your Firm. Your goal is to encourage consumers to call or email and request a consultation. Make sure contact info is obvious, and use online contact forms. Work with a Web designer experienced in working with small law firms.

If you would like assistance in building your blogging and social media presence, LexisNexis can provide a free social media evaluation for your firm.

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