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What do legal buyers look for from law firm websites?

Jan 23, 2012 04:05 PM by
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller
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Are you getting the business you want from your website?

A law firm is a business. To generate the leads to drive that business, a law firm’s website must be more than a highly stylistic online brochure.

Designing a website for a law firm is more than a creative exercise. It’s not enough to drive traffic to your website. Your website must present information in a way that inspires visitors to pick up the phone and call.

Design decisions have to be based on more than creative opinions. The design decisions we make are based on our extensive experience and extensive research we perform and sponsor on the evolving expectations of the legal buyers.

LexisNexis recently presented a webinar that I delivered reviewing the results of three exclusive market research studies we sponsored focusing on website conversion for the small law market. A complimentary recording of that webinar is available online:

Click Here to Access: Getting Prospective Clients to Call: What Every Law Firm’s Website Should Contain to Generate More Business.

This complimentary, 30-minute session showcase examples of many of the must-haves your website should feature to successfully compete for business.

This information-packed webinar will review the study findings to answer questions such as:

  • What website elements do I need to get more visitors to contact my firm?
  • What features may discourage website visitors from considering my firm?
  • How can I convey the professionalism and personality of my attorneys or firm?
  • How would design and content differ based on audience (e.g. consumers vs. corporate counsel)?
  • Where can I find the help I need to improve my website?

The webinar also includes real-world examples of best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

What Legal Buyers Like to See

Does your website present information in ways that will inspire visitors to pick up the phone and call? 

To answer that question, we sponsored studies where researchers from uLAb conducted in-depth interviews with U.S. consumers, as well as another study of corporate counsel, who visit law firm websites as part of the decision-making process when seeking attorneys. Participants were also observed as they visited several law firm websites.

For instance, researchers found that visitors are far more interested in individual attorneys than their firms. Effective attorney profiles represented the website element most frequently cited by respondents of one study when it comes to influencing them to take the next step and contact an attorney.

Most law firm websites have some form of profile pages for their attorneys. However, the survey found that while they may have attorney profiles, visitors now expect more specificity to easily discern your firm from the competition. That includes granularity on the types of matters an attorney has handled, the outcome of those matters and even the attorney’s role in the matters—such as if the lawyer was lead counsel or second chair.  

This is the type of information you can only get by painstakingly sitting with consumers and corporate counsel, viewing their reactions and asking them about their perceptions.

Meanwhile, poorly written attorney profiles, problems with site readability, lack of immediate clarity of the firm’s practice areas and unclear jurisdictional coverage are just some of the detracting elements mentioned by survey participants.

These are just some of the findings you can learn by accessing this webinar. You are sure to find several best practices you will want to apply to your firm’s website. 

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    # Lawyer marketing fan said on 31 January, 2012 06:12 PM   I would think it be essential to know what legal buyers want before attempting lawyer marketing. The website is the first thing they are going to see in most cases nowadays, so I can see why you want it to look the best. Samantha I really appreciate your helpful advice!

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