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I don't need a website because all my clients come from referrals.

Mar 04, 2011 04:40 PM by
Patrick Nicks
Patrick Nicks
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I know some of you may be shocked to hear this but this is a statement I hear quite often when working with lawyers.  Many lawyers are under the impression that having a website is just for firms that want to attract the general public to contact them and hopefully hire them.  While it is true that most of the firms I work with are "public facing" and are in practice areas such as, personal injury, criminal or family law.  Some of the firms I work with are in practice areas such as commercial litigation or construction law.  This latter group typically get  almost all of their clients from referrals and they do not need to advertise in the traditional sense.  So if you don't need to advertise then you don't need a website right?  I say you DO need a website.  Think about it this way.  Most of these law firms have a very nice office, so when their client that was referred comes to see them they will have a certain image of the professionalism of the firm.   This is the same concept online!  Many of these prospective clients (although they were referred to you) will go online to research about your firm.  If you have no website then you do not have a chance to give them the type of impression you want them to have.  Think of it as an electric version of your office.

Remember, websites do not have to be for generating new clients.  They can also have another very valuable purpose....To impress.


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