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Why should lawyers blog?

Jul 17, 2011 11:44 AM by
Patrick Nicks
Patrick Nicks
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Many of the lawyers I meet with are not aware of the benefits of blogging.  In this "blog about blogging", I will point out some key benefits of blogging and why it is a critical part of the process for generating new clients and getting more referrals. 


1.  Visibility:  Search engines like to see sites with fresh content that is updated regularly.  Having a blog and updating it on a regular basis greatly increases your chances to be found when a client is searching for information for that specific practice area.


2.  Credibility:  A blog allows you to showcase your expertise on certain legal issues.  This can be a big determining factor for a potential client that is also looking at other lawyers and deciding who is the best choice to handle their case. 


3.  Personality:  Blogging is very unique method of communication in that you are able to  display your own personality.  Unlike static content that clients can read on your website, a blog is interactive and less formal and is a great place to be yourself!


Consider that before most potential clients call a law firm to schedule a consultation they have many questions about their case.  Most people only hire a lawyer 2-3 times in their lifetime, so for the most part they are not very familiar with how the legal system works.  Many times before clients call you with questions they are searching for information online.  BE THAT CREDIBLE SOURCE FOR INFORMATION! 

If you are in the San Antonio or Corpus Christi area and need assistance with your internet marketing let me know, I will be happy to help.

Happy Blogging!!

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# Samuel Packard said on 16 August, 2011 10:54 PM   My grandfather once gave me some good advice. He said every time you get a great idea, write it down. He went on to explain that he has had countless "good" ideas over the years but he only remembers those that he wrote down. Writing a blog can be a great way to thoroughly think through complicated legal issues and record them. When you know you are posting your answer to the entire world, you are a little more motivated to record an accurate and thorough answer. If a client then asks you one of those complicated legal questions, you can give them your best answer for the time you have available... but then refer them to one of your previous blogs that perfectly answers that complicated question.

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