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How is Your Online Reputation?

Jul 22, 2011 06:16 PM by
Patrick Nicks
Patrick Nicks
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A good reputation is crucial for a practicing attorney.  I met with a lawyer last week that was shocked when I showed him what came up when I Googled his name and the city he is in.  He has been at his current location for over 3 years but most of the listings on the first page of search results showed his old address and old phone number which is now disconnected.  This attorney told me that over 95% of his business came from referrals.  When he saw this, I'm sure he was thinking about how much business he may have lost because clients probably thought he was no longer in practice!


Here are some simple steps you can take that will help with your online reputation.


1.  Make sure you (or your internet marketing specialist) claim your Google places page and update it to show all the correct information.


2.  Have a well optimized website that will show up in many of the search results.


3.  Engage in social media!  When I Google my name I see my Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter profiles and my blog at the top of the results.  This not only helps give me more credibility as a Law Firm Marketing Specialist but also insures clients can get in contact with me.


4.  BLOG!  Spending only one hour per week blogging can be very effective in showing your expertise.  You will agree with me that this will be the best non-billable hour you can spend!


If you or your firm needs assistance or advice on any of these issues I would be happy to help and can be contacted at the information listed below.

Patrick Nicks

Law Firm Marketing Specialist- South Texas

Cell: 210-710-0292

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# Eliza Winters said on 08 September, 2011 11:19 AM   Great advice on law firm marketing. I think there needs to be the shift from all of the radio and television advertising to online marketing. I think a lot of companies waste time and money doing the other advertising. online marketing can reach everyone all the time. Thanks for the great suggestions.
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