IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Free Webinar Recording, “Be a Social Media Rock Star with Your Law Firm Blog” - weingajx


IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Free Webinar Recording, “Be a Social Media Rock Star with Your Law Firm Blog”

Aug 07, 2012 11:07 AM by
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Does your law firm have a social media strategy? If not, you need to view this recorded webinar.

The American Bar Association now reports that of the small law firms (2-9 attorneys) it recently surveyed that maintain a blog, 50 percent said they retained clients directly or via referral as a result of their legal-topic blogging.* It is no wonder this webinar was so well attended! Click here to access a free recording of Be a Social Media Rock Star - Top 10 Law Firm Blogging Tips for Lead Generation

The webinar covered recent surveys and statistics on social media usable among small law firms. We heard from Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D., a successful Washington, D.C.-based medical malpractice attorney, who shared his experiences with generating new business through his firm's blog (http://www.wilsonlaw.com/blog/), and reviewed some best practices.

Attendees Have Practical Concerns

We enjoyed a high volume of questions (always the sign of a successful webinar). Most attorneys had practical concerns, such as requesting suggestions for where to find topics for their blogging.

As I shared with our audience, you should blog on topics relevant to your practice. Topics can spring from many sources. Read Google alerts, newspapers and magazines. Ask yourself, "What is my target client's biggest concern?" Re-purpose research from your actual case work. Make a prediction or share info on a verdict and/or judgment. Create a Top 10 list about a recurring legal issue. Write a sequel or follow-up to a past post. Or, recruit a guest.

More Practical Advice For Your Firm

For more tips on how your firm can leverage social media successfully, watch this recording, or try these other resources:

Or, schedule your free social media consultation and evaluation, where you can:

  • Compare your blog or website with those of competitors
  • Evaluate whether you are using the latest best practices
  • Learn how to measure ROI
  • Talk with a law firm marketing expert

To schedule your free evaluation today, please click here or call us at 877-440-5783.

* Source: American Bar Association's 2012 Legal Technology Survey

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