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Top 10 Essentials for Law Firm Blogging: #3. Project the Right Image

Oct 15, 2012 05:09 PM by
Jason Weingarten
Jason Weingarten
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For law firm, a blog is not a vanity project, but a vital component of an overall online marketing strategy.

Every design decision made will have consequences on how productive that blog is in helping generate new business. Your blog represents your firm, so make sure it looks professional, inspiring the confidence consumers need to contact your firm for a consultation.


"Does My Blog Project the Right Image?": Take Our Simple Blog Design Self-Assessment

Assume the mindset of a consumer who finds your blog. Ask yourself these questions and make sure to BE OBJECTIVE:

  • Does the branding and style of this blog match the firm's website?
  • What adjectives spring to mind when I view this blog?
  • How does the visual quality of this blog compare to other legal blogs?
  • Is the area of law the firm practices obvious or ambiguous in the design?
  • Does the blog look fresh and current, or does it appear stale?

Make sure branding (text and images) is consistent across all channels (website, blog, LinkedIn®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Google+TM, JD Supra®, etc.). Use appropriate images and have a separate set of eyes proofread all content prior to posting.

Like many of your competitors, you may want to hire professional designers to help you achieve the visual quality you demand.


Follow My Blog Series: "Top 10 Essentials for Law Firm Blogging"

In the coming weeks, follow me to read the "Top 10 Essentials for Law Firm Blogging." With each post, I will provide proven techniques to attract more, higher quality prospects through blogging and social media marketing. Next up: Integrate Social Media and SEO.

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