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YouTube™ Advertising Increasingly Effective for Small Law Firms

Feb 14, 2013 12:56 PM by
Jason Weingarten
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Video and paid search advertising on YouTubeTM can be a productive addition to your law firm's online marketing arsenal. Here's why.

Lawyer videoThe benefits of video:

  • Video gives you another way to increase your visibility. It lets you personally introduce your firm and put potential clients at ease before they walk in your door. Provided it's allowed in your state, lawyer video marketing is ideal for legal tutorials, client testimonials and legal alerts.
  • According to its parent company, GoogleTM, YouTube is the second-most visited site in the world. Every month, more than four billion hours of video are watched on YouTube and the site receives more than one trillion page views per year.
  • Posting your video to YouTube increases your visibility by putting you in front of millions of potential clients. Link to video from your firm's homepage, blog, lawyer social media including Facebook®, and other pages on your website.

 The benefits of YouTube paid search advertising:

In many instances, consumers are going directly to YouTube to search for information instead of using search engines like Google and BingTM. In fact, a 2012 Google survey found consumers age 18-34 are twice as likely as those in other age groups to use video when deciding which company to purchase from.

Creating and placing a video ad on YouTube is like placing text-based pay-per-click advertising on Google — it makes you stand out when someone is looking for legal information on YouTube.com. Here's how it works:

Say you're a bankruptcy firm and a local consumer is searching YouTube for bankruptcy information. You can:

  • Place your video ad on top of the search results page, or in the "related videos" section to the right of organic (free) video results;
  • Have your ad appear after a generic video that explains what personal bankruptcy is all about;
  • Run a small text ad along the bottom of a generic video, linking the text back to your video ad.

Granted, leveraging all the benefits of video and YouTube paid search will take some doing. You'll need a strategy that includes law firm SEO, keyword-rich video titles and ad copy, geo-targeting, HTML coding and meta descriptions.

But it's well worth the effort. Talk to your provider about making video and YouTube part of your online marketing mix. It's 2013 and consumers are flocking to YouTube in record numbers. If you want their business, you'll need to migrate with them.

To learn more about our video solutions, contact a LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Specialist.

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