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David Wodnicki

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David Wodnicki is a Law Firm Marketing Specialist in NYC. He has met over 2000 lawyers(by the time your read this it will be more) in 4 years at a Legal Technology company in Manhattan and has helped hundreds of lawyers stand out from the crowd.  David is SEMPO certified and specializes in internet marketing for small Law firms, generally less than 15 attorneys. David has helped Lawyers from all practice areas generate new clients from the Internet via SEM, SEO, Google Optimization, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead, Lawyers.com, and Martindale.com. Additionally, with over 20,000 followers on Twitter and LinkedIn, David has helped lawyers be visible in the growing social media space. David is originally from Los Angeles, CA and has a B.S. from the University Of Southern California Marshall School Of Business. He can also throw a basketball the length of 2 full courts and make it.