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Patent & Trademark Solutions

LexisNexis® Patent and Trademark Solutions supplies copies of original patent and trademark documents via email, Internet download, courier, mail, fax, and on CD-ROM, including:

  • US Patents from 1966
  • European Patent Applications (EPA) from 1978
  • European Granted Patents (EPB) from 1990
  • World (PCT) Patent Applications from 1986
  • US Trademarks from 1870
  • US Pre-Grant Patent Applications
  • NEW - Japanese patents

LexisNexis® Patent and Trademark Solutions provides complete access to:

  • Any Issued US or Foreign Patent (most available electronically)
  • US Patent File Histories / Wrappers
  • Electronic File Histories / Wrappers
  • US Trademark File Histories
  • Foreign File Histories
  • Certified Patents and Trademarks
  • Hand delivery services are available to the USPTO

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