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Liability For Delays In Issuing Environmental Permits?
Posted on 14 Jul 2015 by Dianne Saxe

Can the government be liable for financial damages, when they refuse environmental permits for unreasonable reasons, or cause an unreasonable delay in issuing a permit? Yes, it is possible, according to the British Columbia Court of Appeal ! Given the... Read More

Jenner & Block: Environmental Groups Petition IJC About Sulfide Mining Impacts On Great Lakes
Posted on 4 Sep 2013 by E. Lynn Grayson

At least 40 environmental groups have petitioned the International Joint Commission (IJC) to evaluate the water-related impacts from sulfide mining exploration and development within the Rainy River and Lake Superior Basins. In their petition , the groups... Read More

Federal Govt Stands Down Wastewater Pollution Regulations
Posted on 21 Apr 2015 by Dianne Saxe

The federal government has reached an equivalency agreement with Quebec over wastewater pollution regulations intended to protect fish. Under the federal Fisheries Act , the federal government can agree NOT to apply its regulations in a province, if it... Read More