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Diversity not only provides increased stability to ecological communities, it is more efficient for remediating contamination
Posted on 13 Apr 2011 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

It has long been an axiom of environmental science that a diverse ecological community (aka biodiversity) is more resilient and productive because it stabilizes the ecological system as a whole. This should not be confused with a focus on an individual... Read More

Eighth Circuit "clarifies" issues left unresolved in U.S. Supreme Court's Atlantic Research and Cooper Industries opinions
Posted on 9 Apr 2011 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

In 1983, the City sought to restore a long closed well for use as a drinking water resource. It received complaints re taste and odor. The State of Nebraska and EPA investigated, and ultimately the site was added to the NPL in 1986. EPA determined that... Read More