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Financial Fraud Law

6 Year Fraud by CFO Who Embezzled $5.7 Million, Prosecutors Contend

 Gregg Pierleoni was the chief financial officer of a moving and storage company based in Westchester, New York, from 1987 to April 2013. Now, he is charged with embezzling over $5.7 million from the company over a six year period.

According to prosecutors, Pierleoni took funds from the moving company’s operating account and put them in other accounts held by the moving company and a related entity. He allegedly then wrote checks from those other accounts to pay his personal American Express bills. According to prosecutors, Pierleoni used the funds to pay for collectible items, sports memorabilia, airline tickets and other travel expenses, artwork, tickets to sporting events, and meals in restaurants.

If convicted, Pierleoni faces 20 years’ imprisonment on a mail fraud count and 20 years’ imprisonment on a wire fraud count.

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