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Financial Fraud Law

‘Cheating’ Mathew Martoma Now a ‘Convicted Felon,’ Preet Bharara Says

 U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara (pictured) issued a statement following the conviction of Mathew Martoma for insider trading that is worth reading:

“As the jury unanimously found, Mathew Martoma cultivated and purchased the confidence of doctors with secret knowledge of an experimental Alzheimer's drug, and used it to engage in illegal insider trading. Martoma bought the answer sheet before the exam – more than once – netting a quarter billion dollars in profits and losses avoided for SAC, as well as a $9 million bonus for him. In the short run, cheating may have been profitable for Martoma, but in the end, it made him a convicted felon, and likely will result in the forfeiture of his illegal windfall and the loss of his liberty. Mathew Martoma becomes the 79th person convicted of insider trading after trial or by guilty plea in this District in the last four years.”

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