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Financial Fraud Law

New Jersey Mayors and Corruption: The Answers to the Financial Fraud Law Quiz

 Earlier today, in our Financial Fraud Law Quiz, we asked you to identify the communities in New Jersey that have had mayors convicted or have had mayors who have pleaded guilty in corruption cases. We limited it to this century, and we started you off with one answer:  Trenton, whose mayor, Tony Mack, was convicted last week of bribery, fraud, and extortion. We also asked you to tell us, if you could, the town whose former mayor has just been charged with mortgage fraud, identity theft, and obstruction of justice.

How did you do?

Here’s our list:

-           Asbury Park

-           Camden

-           Hamilton

-           Hoboken

-           Newark

-           Orange

-           Passaic

-           Paterson

-           Perth Amboy

-           Trenton

And, the answer to the question of what community is potentially going to be the next member of this group:  Manalapan, whose former mayor, Andrew Lucas, has just been charged in an 11 count indictment.

Learn more: /legalnewsroom/financial-fraud-law/b/blog/archive/2014/02/10/financial-fraud-law-quiz-new-jersey-mayors-who-have-been-convicted-or-pleaded-guilty-in-corruption-cases.aspx.

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