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Immigration Law

Due Process, Asylum Protections for Women Under Attack: Matter of A-B- Revealed

The underlying unpublished Dec. 8, 2016 BIA decision, Matter of A-B-, has been redacted and released by counsel, here.

The March 7, 2018 A.G. self-referral is here.

The Hon. Paul W. Schmidt comments here.

Tal Kopan, CNN, reports here.

The takeaway: "We're very concerned about what this could mean for the women who flee their homes, leaving everything behind -- their community, parents, and children -- in order to get to safety," said Archi Pyati, chief of policy and programs for the Tahirih Justice Center, which protects and advocates for immigrant women and girls fleeing violence. "In some countries, the government will do nothing to stop a man from abusing a woman. ...Right now, the attorney general is signaling that he may reconsider whether we as a nation are willing to stand up for what is right and offer a beacon of hope to those women with nowhere else to go."