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Immigration Law

AAO on Moral Turpitude, Willful Misrepresentation

"[W]e acknowledge that the term "moral turpitude" is not in common usage, and it is unlikely that the average person is aware of its meaning and application in U.S. immigration law. ... There is no indication that this applicant was aware that he had committed a crime involving moral turpitude at the time he submitted his 1-94W forms.  In fact, both the applicant and his spouse have submitted statements recalling that the applicant was confused about the crime involving moral turpitude query on his Form l-94W, but answered to the best of his ability at that time. ... Based on the record, the AAO finds that the applicant has demonstrated rehabilitation and that his admission to the United States would not be contrary to the national welfare, safety, or security or the United States pursuant to section 212(h)( I )(A) of the Act." - Matter of X-, Aug. 28, 2012.  [Hats off to Steven D. Heller!]