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Immigration Law

Matter of Sanchez Sosa, ID 3753, 25 I&N Dec. 807 (BIA 2012)

Matter of Sanchez Sosa, ID 3753, 25 I&N Dec. 807 (BIA 2012) - (1) In determining whether good cause exists to continue removal proceedings to await the adjudication of an alien’s pending U nonimmigrant visa petition, an Immigration Judge should consider (1) the response of the Department of Homeland Security to the alien’s motion to continue; (2) whether the underlying visa petition is prima facie approvable; and (3) the reason for the continuance and other procedural factors.  (2) To establish prima facie eligibility for a U nonimmigrant visa, an alien must have suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as the innocent victim of a qualifying crime for which the alien has been, is being, or will be helpful to law enforcement, which ordinarily requires an approved law enforcement certification.  (3) An alien who has filed a prima facie approvable petition for a U visa with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will ordinarily warrant a favorable exercise of discretion for a continuance for a reasonable period of time.