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Immigration Law

Unpub. BIA Humanitarian Asylum Victory (Liberia)

Prof. Stephen Meili writes: "The Immigration and Human Rights Clinic at the University of Minnesota Law School recently received a BIA decision regarding humanitarian asylum that I think will be of interest.  The Immigration Judge had denied asylum to our client on the grounds that conditions in Liberia have improved such that our client no longer has a well-founded fear of persecution upon return.  The IJ also rejected our humanitarian asylum argument.  The BIA reversed on the latter point, holding that our client's age was an important factor in determining the level of harm our client suffered when government forces broke into the family home and murdered our client's remaining family members (mother and siblings) on account of a protected ground (our client's mother opposed the ruling regime).  Our client, 13 at the time, hid in a pantry off the kitchen while the murders took place.  Many students labored long and hard on this case over the past four years. Emily Good, who supervises the Clinic with me, and I also want to thank Twin Cities attorneys Ben Casper and Malinda Schmeichen for their invaluable input on the BIA brief." - Matter of X-, Apr. 11, 2013.