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Immigration Law

Border Patrol Sued for Excessive Force: 200 Lb. Agent Throws 100 Lb. Disabled U.S. Citizen to the Ground, Cuffs Her

"The American Civil Liberties Union on Monday filed a lawsuit against what the advocacy group claims are egregious abuses of power within the ranks of border law enforcement.  The suit, filed in the Brownsville office of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, alleges that a Customs and Border Protection agent physically and verbally abused a U.S. citizen after she questioned why her purse was being searched.  The U.S. government is also named as a defendant.  The ACLU alleges that an Agent Riano, whose first name was not mentioned in the suit, threw Laura Mireles to the ground, verbally threatened her and applied handcuffs with such force that the fire department had to be called in to remove them. Mireles is also disabled, the ACLU stated, and has visible malformations on her hands and feet. She was released and never faced charges after the incident." - Texas Tribune, Oct. 21, 2013.