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Immigration Law

Celebrating Freedom...From Ankle Bracelets, Detention from Karnes

Barbara Hines reports on July 2, 2015: "As many of you know, women and children are being released from Karnes and Dilley on orders of recognizance and ankle bracelets.  At least 25 women were released yesterday and more today, including withholding only moms.  We have come such a long way since last September.  Thanks so much to all of our dedicated volunteers for their legal representation and advocacy.  And a special shoutout to Jessica Rofé, an Immigrant Justice Corps volunteer from New York, who obtained release on recognizance from ICE of a client who was placed in medical isolation and separated from her child for several days and today, an order from Immigration Judge Thomas G. Crossan, Jr., who ruled that ICE cannot unilaterally impose an ankle monitor on a client after the judge at a bond hearing had ordered her released on recognizance."

- Jessica Rofé