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Immigration Law

Refugee Kids Find Mixed Results in Texas

Dianne Solís, Dallas Morning News, Jan. 4, 2015- "The handwritten paper sign inside the temporary shelter elevated the hope of the freshly arrived migrant boys: “United we are invincible.”  ​But by the end of the day, other Central Americans who arrived more than a year ago weren’t so sure​. The head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security confirmed Monday that 121 migrant parents and children had been picked up in weekend raids in Texas, Georgia and North Carolina.  The migrants have said violence, poverty, lack of opportunities and desperation propelled them out of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. It was clear the Obama administration wanted to send a message that “at a greater rate” migrants from Central America would be sent back home. ... Condemnation and praise of the raids poured from various quarters. Meantime, staff at Camp Arrowhead in rural Cleburne made nearly 200 migrant boys comfortable.  Under federal policy for unaccompanied minors travelling without a parent, temporary shelter is provided for youths while their relatives in the U.S. are found and a reunion is made. Their legal cases then move through the federal system to determine if they can stay in the U.S. lawfully, but many of the migrants go unrepresented in the courts."