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Immigration Trends to Watch in 2013 – Part 2

"In Part 1, I looked at the Employment Based trends to watch in 2013, including the H-1B Cap, EB-2 and EB-3 backlogs as well as the possibility of backlogs in EB-5.  With the unemployment rate ticking slowly down and signs of life returning to the economy, pressure on employment based visas will sharpen.  In Part 2, I look at worksite enforcement, the new provisional waiver program and the possibility of immigration reform.  With the presidential election behind us and the Obama administration settling in for another 4 years, there are some things we can count on: Strong worksite and interior enforcement; new programs and customer service improvements from USCIS as Alejandro Mayorkas, Director of USCIS continues in his post; and a loud debate in Washington over immigration reform." - Valentine Brown, Jan. 14, 2013.

 - Valentine Brown