Immigration Law

Judge Blocks Arpaio's Workplace Raids, Arizona Statute Enjoined

"Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio must stop enforcing Arizona's identify theft laws, U.S. District Judge David Campbell ruled Monday, granting a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit filed against Arpaio.  The lawsuit, filed by the Puente immigrant rights group, argues that the laws are unconstitutional and have been used by Arpaio and his office to target undocumented immigrants in workplace raids.  Arpaio's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.  In the past, he's defended the workplace raids and said his department has been forced to step in because federal authorities haven't done enough to enforce immigration laws.  Campbell said the plaintiffs are likely to succeed in their argument that the state's identify theft laws are preempted by federal laws, and that Arpaio must stop enforcing the laws until a final decision is reached in the lawsuit." - Catherine E. Shoichet, CNN, Jan. 6, 2014.