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Immigration Law

MLK and Immigration

In 2018 Teresa Albano wrote: "... Most of the current debate around immigration revolves around “legal” or “illegal.” Some of my friends from high school like to say they are all for immigration, as long as it’s “legal.” What does that mean? ... Immigration law is unjust. What the White House* has caused is lawlessness — “no law at all.” Instead, of the “legal and illegal” binary, let’s view immigration law from the vantage point of “just” and “unjust.” King provided a moral compass that can help us find the country’s True North on this pressing issue. ... The immigration laws must change and U.S. citizens have a moral obligation to speak out for just laws. Laws that uplift “human personality,” keep families together and provide security, refuge and opportunity to immigrants."

* Albano was writing about Trump, but...pick your president.