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ICE Detainee Sent to Solitary for Encouraging Protest of 'Voluntary' Low-Wage Labor
Posted on 13 Oct 2017 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Spencer Woodman, The Intercept, Oct. 10, 2017 - "In June, officials at a privately run Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in rural Georgia sentenced an immigrant detainee to a month in solitary confinement to punish him for encouraging... Read More

Obama Immigration Adviser Faces Protests At AILA Speech: Law360
Posted on 18 Jun 2015 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Allissa Wickham at Law360 writes : " Cecilia Munoz, a top immigration adviser to the president, was confronted with protesters challenging the Obama administration’s use of family detention while she addressed a large group of immigration lawyers... Read More

Immigration protesters arrested in Montgomery, Alabama
Posted on 17 Nov 2011 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Diane Martel and a dozen people, ranging in age from 17 to 57, were arrested during a protest of HB 56, Alabama's new immigration law. The protesters arrested were all undocumented immi­grants, living in different parts of the country... Read More

Over 150 Activists, Including 8 Lawmakers, Arrested at D.C. Immigration Protest
Posted on 9 Oct 2013 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"As several thousand demonstrators rallied around them, eight members of the House of Representatives were arrested on Tuesday outside the Capitol in a protest to push Congress to pass broad immigration legislation that includes a path to citizenship... Read More

Immigration Activists Lock Themselves to Gates in Atlanta, Chicago
Posted on 20 Nov 2013 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Fifteen immigration activists were arrested Tuesday during a protest outside of a building that houses some offices of federal immigration authorities in Atlanta, federal authorities said. The protest began just before 11 a.m. following a news conference... Read More

Immigration Protesters Arrested in Chicago
Posted on 9 Nov 2013 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Chicago Police say 121 immigration rights demonstrators were arrested at a sit-in on Clark Street at Congress this afternoon. Police say the demonstrators blocked traffic on Clark Street for almost an hour. The police line on Congress blocked one... Read More

Risky Border Protest Lands DREAM Activists in Az. Immigration Jail...For Now
Posted on 23 Jul 2013 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Lizbeth Mateo paid her tuition Sunday for Santa Clara Law School, where classes begin next month. On Monday, she paused to send the school an email. "I'm letting them know I may not make it in time," she said. The reason for... Read More

Honors Grad Denied DACA Renewal Due To Civil Protests, Sues USCIS: Unzueta v. USCIS
Posted on 27 May 2016 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Unzueta v. USCIS, filed May 25, 2016 - "Defendants granted DACA to the Plaintiff in 2013, but denied “renewal” of DACA in 2015 after she continued to be outspoken in support of the rights of other noncitizens. Defendants purported to... Read More

Advocates Arrested at DC Sit-In for Immigration Reform
Posted on 2 Aug 2013 by Daniel M. Kowalski

"Seeking to send a message to lawmakers as they leave to face their constituents over the August recess, 41 leaders of groups supporting an overhaul of the immigration system held a noisy but peaceful sit-in on Capitol Hill on Thursday and were arrested... Read More

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"Day Without Immigrants" Protests Being Held Across U.S.
Posted on 16 Feb 2017 by Daniel M. Kowalski

AP, Feb. 15, 2017 - "Immigrants across the country are expected to stay home from school and work on Thursday to show how critical they are to the U.S. economy and way of life. “A Day Without Immigrants” actions are planned in cities... Read More

Students Protest Georgia's Anti-Immigrant Enrollment, Tuition Policies
Posted on 11 May 2016 by Daniel M. Kowalski

Janel Davis, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, May 10, 2016 - "Officers arrested a group of immigrant students and their supporters Tuesday after a protest of college enrollment and tuition policies that keeps some immigrant students out of Georgia’s... Read More