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New Appleman Premium Online Checklists - § 34.01 Checklist: Determining Parties and Insurable Interests to Life Insurance Policies

New Appleman Premium Online Checklists - § 34.01 Checklist: Determining Parties and Insurable Interests to Life Insurance Policies, is one of the 200 coverage checklists in New Appleman Premium Online Checklists. This online checklist gives step by step guidance to help practitioners ensure that the proper parties and insurable interests to a life insurance policy have been identified. The checklist starts with an Expert Insight written by coverage expert Jeff Thomas professor of law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Mr. Thomas is also the general editor of the recently released New Appleman Library Edition. His insight provides practice oriented strategic points, warnings, and pitfalls to consider before tackling the tasks outlined in the checklist. Mr. Thomas warns "In general, the insurable interest requirement is imposed to ensure that there is a legitimate reason for the purchase of the insurance and to prevent using life insurance as a form of wagering and recovering a windfall upon the death of the insured." The checklist contains 7-10 easy to follow tasks that will help establish the parties and insurable interests. Each task includes a Related References section containing links to relevant Matthew Bender analytical content, related New Appleman Premium Online Checklists, applicable forms, statutes and regulations to provide additional guidance. This checklist also contains links to two related checklists § 29.01 Checklist: Preparing Plan to Investigate Issues for Insurance Coverage Claims and § 34.02 Checklist: Applying ''Accidental Death'' Provision in Life Insurance Policies to ensure a comprehensive analysis of a life insurance policy is achieved. The online checklists product contains over 350 online insurance coverage and compliance checklists that provide all the tools needed to complete each phase of a coverage dispute and the most commonly encountered compliance tasks. The product is divided into 4 volumes: Coverage Analysis and Pre-litigation, Coverage Litigation, Separate Insurance Lines and Regulatory and Compliance. Each volume is divided into a combined total of 40 chapters that replicate the structure of the New Appleman Insurance Practice Guide. The Regulatory and Compliance volume is divided into 27 chapters by line of insurance such as Life and Health Insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, Worker's Compensation Insurance, Reinsurance, Risk Retention and Captive Insurance, and Annuity and Retirement Insurance for quick retrieval.

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