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Insurance Law

Don't Expect Your Homeowner's Insurance To Cover Pollution When You Lease Your Back Yard to Shale Gas Fracking Drillers

Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley partners Thomas Clarke and Dean Pappas have published an informative article by Best's Review (February 2012) that looks at the potential risks that arise from hydrofracking operations, and the extent to which a typical homeowner's insurance policy covers the damages and harms that may arise. Homeowners and their insurance agents proceed at their peril if they expect insurance coverage when pollution from drilling spills over to the neighbor's property. Read or download this timely article,  Under Cover: Do Homeowner Policies Protect Against Liability from Fracking Operations?.

Messrs. Pappas & Clarke wish to thank Best's Review for publishing the article.

 Natural Gas Fracking Drilling

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