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More On ISO’s Just-Filed CGL Data Breach Exclusions
Posted on 18 Sep 2013 by Randy J. Maniloff

As discussed in the Late-r Notice column in the last issue of Coverage Opinions , there has been much chatter of late about insurance for losses that a business sustains from cyber liability – especially data breaches. Think of a computer network... Read More

Farella Braun: Coverage for Theft of Customer Credit Card Information
Posted on 30 Oct 2012 by Tyler C. Gerking

By Tyler Gerking, Partner, Farella Braun + Martel LLP In August, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that there was coverage for first-party and third-party losses arising from the theft of customer credit card information by hackers... Read More

Only Partially Covered: What You Really Want to Know About Allocation Under Management Liability Policies--But Are Afraid to Ask
Posted on 2 Jun 2014 by Carrie E. Cope

By Carrie C. Cope, David Curkovic and Virginia Morris-Ardin This commentary examines allocation issues across the nation in the context of "management liability policies." Such policies are often sold in "packages" combining... Read More

Webinar: ABA Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries – Insurance and Risk Allocation
Posted on 9 Sep 2012 by Pasich, Franklin, Thayer, Crosner, Holt

On October 30, the ABA Forum Committee on Entertainment and Sports Industries will present an informative webinar on Insurance and Risk Allocation in the Entertainment and Sports Industries: Hot Topics and Overlooked Issues . From film and television... Read More

McCarter & English LLP on Insurance Coverage for Greenwashing Claims: It Depends on the Packaging
Posted on 1 Dec 2010 by LexisNexis Insurance Law Newsroom Staff

By J. Wylie Donald and Stephanie Platzman-Diamant, Attorneys, McCarter & English LLP J. Wylie Donald and Stephanie Platzman-Diamant wrote a recent commentary discussing “greenwashing” . They wrote that p urveyors of goods and services... Read More

Insurance Coverage for Wage and Hour Claims
Posted on 29 May 2014 by David A. Gauntlett

By David A. Gauntlett, Principal, Gauntlett & Associates Litigation contending wage and hour law violations has escalated rapidly in recent years. Virtually every business, especially those in California, is susceptible to claims by an increasingly... Read More

Leading Coverage Lawyers: The Most Significant Insurance Coverage Decisions Of 2013
Posted on 28 Jan 2014 by Randy J. Maniloff

For the past 13 years, at around this time, I have sat down and inked a list of the ten insurance coverage decisions of the year just-completed that I believed were the most significant. There was nothing complex or scientific about the process nor authoritative... Read More

New Publication - New Appleman Sports and Entertainment Insurance Law & Practice Guide to Release in December 2010
Posted on 29 Sep 2010 by Pasich, Franklin, Thayer, Crosner, Holt

By Kirk A. Pasich, Cassandra Franklin, Sandra Smith Thayer, Shaun H. Crosner, and Julia K. Holt, Dickstein Shapiro LLP New Appleman Sports and Entertainment Insurance Law & Practice is written by Kirk A. Pasich the leader of Dickstein Shapiro’s... Read More

Environmental Insurance – New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition, Chapter 27
Posted on 21 Oct 2010 by LexisNexis Insurance Law Newsroom Staff

By Robyn L. Anderson, Kimberly K. Winter, Jessica E. Merrigan, and Carly D. Duvall, Lathrop & Gage LLP With climate change, weather-related catastrophes, energy shortfalls, and a historically large oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, it is no surprise... Read More

Trespass Can Never be an Accident
Posted on 10 Aug 2011 by Barry Zalma

By Barry Zalma, Attorney and Consultant Insurance Is Insurance is a contract where a person (the insurer) agrees to indemnify another (the insured) against certain defined risks of loss, damage, or liability arising from a contingent or unknown... Read More

McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP On A Roadmap For Determining Coverage For Construction Defect Claims In New York
Posted on 23 Apr 2012 by LexisNexis Insurance Law Newsroom Staff

By Richard B. Friedman, J. Stephen Berry, and P. Michael Freed, Attorneys, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP In their commentary, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP on a Roadmap for Determining Coverage for Construction Defect Claims in New York , by Richard... Read More

"Blast Fax" TCPA Damages Covered Under CGL Policy
Posted on 22 Nov 2013 by Seth Lamden

In Standard Mutual Insurance Co, v. Lay , 2013 IL 114617 [ enhanced version available to subscribers ], the court held that damages awarded pursuant to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991, 47 U.S.C. § 227(b)(3) (the “TCPA”... Read More

The Next Coverage Battle Looming?: Eliminating Coverage Under A “Standard” CGL Policy For Construction Site Bodily Injury Claims
Posted on 27 May 2014 by Randy J. Maniloff

Over the past few years insurers have been taking various affirmative steps, such as adding endorsements, to attempt to limit their exposure for bodily injury claims on construction sites (not to mention for property damage). The Eleventh Circuit just... Read More