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Williams Mullen: A New Patent Shield? House Bill Introduces “Anti-Patent Troll” Legislation
Posted on 9 Aug 2012 by Williams Mullen

BY: ROBERT VAN ARNAM & ALISON S. McGEARY "Patent Trolls," or non-practicing entities that buy up patents with the expectation of litigating their way to profit, have been targeting software and computer hardware companies for years. Critics... Read More

Williams Mullen: Trolling In Financial Waters: The Increasing Threat of Patent Infringement Lawsuits by Trolls in the Financial Services Industry
Posted on 2 Nov 2012 by Williams Mullen

BY: ROBERT VAN ARNAM As the financial services industry increases its use of technology to match consumer demand and expectations for mobile banking and applications, check imaging and requisite security and encryption features, it has increased its... Read More

Williams Mullen: 4th Circuit Upholds Convictions of Trademark Infringers for Combining Two Separate “Burberry” Marks on Bogus Luxury Goods
Posted on 24 Apr 2012 by Williams Mullen

BY: JOHN STAIGE DAVIS, V Can a would-be trademark-infringer evade the trademark laws by superimposing facsimiles of two different trademarks of the same company into a single combined image, and maintaining that the combined image is legally distinguishable... Read More

Williams Mullen: Court Allows Discovery Directly to Third-Party IT Outsourcer Because Of Party’s Inadequate Information Governance Practices; Awards Adverse Inference and Costs & Fees for Spoliation
Posted on 6 Jun 2012 by Williams Mullen

BY: BENNETT B. BORDEN , JAY BRUDZ , MONICA MCCARROLL , BRIAN C. VICK & NEIL MAGNUSON In Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc. v. Wall Street Equity Group, Inc. , 2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 69577 (D. Neb. May 18, 2012) (Kiewit II) [ enhanced version available... Read More