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Military Tenders and Procurement in Saudi Arabia: Guidelines for the Payment of Commissions, Success Fees, and Agency Fees
Posted on 21 Feb 2013 by John Balouziyeh

Concerning bribery, focus is on laws with international reach (the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK's Bribery Act 2010), local laws are often overlooked. One is a Saudi Council of Ministers Resolution on the defense industry. One can run afoul... Read More

Saudis to permit women to compete in Olympics
Posted on 27 Jun 2012 by I&FL Community Staff (Rule of Law & Human

LONDON (AP) - A month before the London Games, Saudi Arabia appears to be moving closer to sending female athletes to the Olympics for the first time amid mounting pressure on the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom to grant women more rights. Deliberations... Read More

Amnesty: Saudi activist sentenced to 4 years
Posted on 23 Apr 2012 by I&FL Community Staff (Rule of Law & Human

RIYADH Saudi Arabia (AP) - Amnesty International says a Saudi Arabian court has convicted a prominent rights activist of anti-state crimes and sentenced him to four years in prison. The London-based group says activist Mohammed al-Bajady was tried... Read More

Group calls on Saudis to end female discrimination
Posted on 21 Feb 2012 by I&FL Community Staff (Rule of Law & Human

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A human rights group called on the International Olympic Committee to require that Saudi Arabia's participation in Olympic sporting events, including the upcoming London Games, be contingent upon the Arab country allowing girls... Read More

Middle Eastern Law Toolbox
Posted on 3 Jan 2011 by International & Foreign Law Community Staff (ME)

Welcome to LexisNexis Middle Eastern Law Toolbox, our bazaar which highlights legal content of particular Middle Eastern nations in our database. New to working in the region? Our Guide to International Legal Research chapter on the Middle East... Read More