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Project Management, People Management
Posted on 5 Mar 2010 by Steven B. Levy

What's the relationship of project management and people management? The worst professional project managers I've worked with over the years were universally terrible people managers. Conversely, the best project managers were outstanding people... Read More

How to improve the management of legal teams (Part 1 of 4)
Posted on 17 Mar 2011 by Jim Hassett

When lawyers participate in our Certified Legal Project Manager TM program , one of the topics that they are most interested in discussing is how to manage teams. What should you do with the associate who insists on turning over every rock? Or with the... Read More

Personnel Policies and the Employee Handbook
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

It is important for efficient management and good employee relations that an employer have carefully considered and clearly stated personnel policies which are communicated to the staff. A number of personnel policies are affected by various labor laws... Read More

Integration, Training & Professional Development
Posted on 12 Feb 2010 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

Employers have an enormous stake in the transition from law school to law practice. If personnel costs are the firm's largest expense, and people are its most important assets, it is good business to make every effort to protect such valuable assets... Read More

Lessons of Recession Could be Forgotten after Turn-around
Posted on 13 May 2010 by Building a Better Legal Profession

Taking into account all of the trends and statistics of the new economy, there will be several imminent changes that will appreciably affect new legal careers. Most likely, firms will keep the billable hour, will move to merit-based compensation, and... Read More

Power Up Your Firm’s Diversity Strategy: Employ BI to Fill the Information Gaps
Posted on 27 Jan 2010 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

Diversity is now squarely a priority for law firms. Many law firms have diversity committees, and many have hired diversity directors. Much attention has been paid to firm recruitment and promotion processes. Mission statements, web sites and policies... Read More

Managing Partner Performance
Posted on 4 Feb 2010 by Legal Business Community Team

Now that 2009 has come to an end, law firms are breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward with hopes of a better year to come. As with any year-end, it is also time to dole out partner compensation, and many firms are hop­ing they were able to... Read More

US Supreme Court Heightens Burden for ADEA Claims
Posted on 28 Jan 2010 by Terri Imbarlina Patak and Thomas H. May

In a decision that came as a surprise to employers and employees alike, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that the longstanding standard of proof for mixed motive discrimination cases set forth in its Price Waterhouse decision of 1989 does not apply to employees... Read More

Law Firm Succession Planning
Posted on 12 Feb 2010 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

A recent article in the Journal of Accountancy offers timely succession planning insights for certified public accountants, which are equally relevant for attorneys who own their own practices. In "A 2009 Tuneup for Your Firm's Succession Planning"... Read More

Double Check that e-mail Message Before You Hit Send!
Posted on 29 Jan 2010 by Terri Imbarlina Patak and Thomas H. May

Since the era of electronic mail began, computer users have been inadvertently hitting the wrong buttons (i.e., "Reply to All") when sending e-mail messages, often resulting in embarrassing - or even worse - consequences. Recently a company... Read More

Labor Relations
Posted on 28 Jan 2010 by Nicole Gewinner and Sue Snyder

There are a number of legal pitfalls and unexpected sources of trouble that appear for U.S. companies employing or contracting with Indian nationals. Common problems that arise for U.S. companies employing or contracting with Indian nationals include... Read More

Moneyball Indeed!
Posted on 12 Feb 2010 by LexisNexis Legal Business Community Staff

Research by Kerma Partners and the Redwood Think Tank shows that incorporating "success factors" into law firm recruiting can have a big impact on firm profits. Read full article authored by James Bergin and Ron Paquette. Read More

Building Cross-Competency in Law Firms
Posted on 23 Apr 2010 by Norman Clark

Many law firms invest considerable time, effort, and resources in cross-training younger lawyers to work in more than one practice area. Cross-training is a worthwhile investment, but often a very costly one. This Green Paper outlines a new approach to... Read More

When It’s Too Late for Succession Planning
Posted on 12 May 2010 by Norman Clark

Business succession and generational transition are no longer just theoretical issues or problems to be deferred until sometime in the future. By our estimates, a majority of the law firms in the world - perhaps as many as 75% of them - are now or within... Read More

Don't Fire Your Receptionist...
Posted on 11 May 2011 by Tom Kane

Fire the person who hired him or her. Over the years, I've told a few horror stories involving receptionists. Two that immediately come to mind, include: the cigarette dangling, shoeless one , and the one that told the caller to get lost . ... Read More