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Lexis Advance for Associates Coming Soon!

The solution is the latest in a series of online legal research innovations from LexisNexis that help legal professionals drive better outcomes for their business and their clients

 "Lexis Advance for Associates is the continuation of our strategy to provide professionals with tools that are specifically designed for users," said Bob Romeo, chief executive officer of Research and Litigation Solutions at LexisNexis. "Through close collaboration with our customers across all sectors of the legal industry, we know those who routinely conduct legal research want new innovations to help them build their expertise to become even more valuable to their organizations, so they are more efficient and better organized, and to demonstrate their ability to drive better outcomes for their own clients."

Lexis Advance for Associates is aimed at serving primary users of online legal research such as associates at law firms and staff attorneys at corporations and in government. Core elements of the product deliver a number of easy to use features for them, including an intuitive single search interface that eliminates the need to select sources before searching and cuts out multiple steps in the search process. It also offers users the control to find relevant search results faster and more confidently with pre- and post- search filters. Furthermore, work folders allow for easy storage and access to previous work.

In addition to these capabilities, LexisNexis has developed other ground breaking tools core to the product and designed specifically for associates. With these, users are able to conduct a more holistic and efficient research process than ever before. They are also able to view, manage and act upon results directly within the context of their everyday work. The innovations include:

  • Integrated results from LexisNexis and the open Web: Allows users to search the open Web via Lexis Web along with premium LexisNexis content simultaneously in a single step, efficiently delivering a single set of search results organized by content type.
  • Legal Issue Trail: Uses LexisNexis intelligence to find and cite connections between cases that may not be obvious - ensuring that research is complete.
  • Transactional Notices: To help ensure transparency, users are notified on screen if they are about to access content that is outside of their subscription.


Lexis Advance for Associates also includes valued content used most by associates, including:

  • Comprehensive and fully enhanced primary law from all states - all available LexisNexis case law (Federal and State), including all LexisNexis headnotes and case summaries. All available statutes and constitutions (Federal and State) from all 50 states and US territories - including administrative codes, and agency materials.
  • News - top titles from the most comprehensive collection of news sources in the industry.
  • Shepard's Citations Service - the LexisNexis exclusive citator allows associates to quickly check if a case is good law.
  • Matthew Bender - a wide range of industry-leading treatises and expert legal analysis.
  • The industry -leading collection of LexisNexis jury verdicts, briefs, pleadings and motions.
  • LexisNexis CourtLink content: Includes the full collection of dockets.
  • Expert witness transcripts, depositions, and curricula vitae.

Customers of lexis.com will be able to use the core functionality of Lexis Advance for Associates described above as part of their lexis.com subscription. They may also add premium innovations such as use of Lexis for Microsoft Office in conjunction with Lexis Advance for Associates plus other new capabilities as they are launched later this year and going forward.

Lexis Advance for Associates is scheduled for release later this year.  Follow this link to read the full press release.


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