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Finding and Landing the Job You Want: Podcast with Career Counselor, Sheila Nielsen
Posted on 17 Nov 2011 by Lexis Hub Editor

On this edition, Sheila Nielsen, attorney and career counselor with Nielsen Career Consulting discusses how finding and landing the job you want in the legal field is similar to a quest. She talks about ways to network, how to find natural counselors... Read More

What Have Looks Got to Do With It?
Posted on 10 Jun 2010 by Yan Cao

Stanford Law School professor Deborah Rhode recently invited us to examine the extent to which hiring professionals are "Prejudiced toward pretty" in an article of that name, published in the National Law Journal. Rhode cited the study "Lawyers'... Read More

2009 NAWL Retention Survey
Posted on 26 Oct 2009 by NAWL B2B

Survey reveals that women have a long way to go to break into law firm leadership roles. Snapshot of the 2009 Survey Results Women in Law Firm Leadership: Women play a surprisingly small role in the highest levels of law firm leadership. In... Read More

Baby Boomers Compromise for Generation Y
Posted on 1 Jun 2010 by Lexis Hub Staff

By Adrian Dayton, from his Blog, Marketing Strategy and the Law Just over a year ago at the Inside Counsel Superconference two well respected attorneys by the names of Scott Greenfield and Dan Hull lambasted Generation Y for their lack of work ethic... Read More

Career Insights, Networking Tips and Job-Finding Advice from the Career Transitions Twitter Event Hosted by Donna Seyle
Posted on 3 Jun 2010 by Lexis Hub Staff

The Lexis Hub/Connected Twitter conversation led by Donna Seyle ( www.freelancelawfirm.com ) evolved into a discussion with more than 130 tweets and dozens of participants sharing career advice and experiences. Here are some of the highlights of the conversation... Read More

How to Get the Salary You Deserve
Posted on 17 Oct 2008 by Tida Wasch

You think that your salary is below the going market rate and you deserve a raise. How do you go about getting the pay that you serve? It’s time to use those negotiation skills for your own benefit. You have to ask for it. Remember the saying... Read More

Personal Strategic Planning for Associates and New Attorneys
Posted on 29 Apr 2011 by Keith Lee, Esq.

What, precisely, is that is going to make you special (or even more special) in the marketplace over the next few years? Would you like to develop a specialized expertise in a particular technical area, in certain types of transaction, in the problems... Read More

How Will Law Schools Adjust to Diminished Job Prospects for Graduates?
Posted on 13 Nov 2009 by Lexis Hub

Over the past year, the nation’s top 250 Law Firms decreased in size by 5,259 attorneys. This 4-percent drop is the largest since the National Law Journal began keeping such statistics 32 years ago. These figures reveal the dramatic toll that the... Read More

Establishing Work Ethic
Posted on 8 Jun 2009 by LexisHub Staff

At the National Association of Women Lawyers Backpack to Briefcase program held at Loyola University School of Law in Chicago, a panel of distinguished women legal professionals advised the attendees on ways in which to establish a work ethic in a law... Read More

Is Law School Name or Location More Likely to Get You Your First Law Job?
Posted on 28 Apr 2010 by Lori Sieron

Is it the name or is the old real estate adage, "location, location, location," the prevailing factor in choosing the right law school? An interesting survey released by Vault.com researched law school grad's evaluation of the best Law Schools... Read More

Supply, Demand, and the Changing Economics of Large Law Firms
Posted on 10 Oct 2008 by AME3bg

In their note published in Stanford Law Review, 60 Stan. L. Rev. 2087, Andrew Bruck and Andrew Canter address supply, demand, and the changing economics of large law firms. They write: A unique set of economic conditions has created a buyer's... Read More

It's Not Just Who You Know....
Posted on 25 Sep 2012 by Desiree Moore

I think it's fair to say that every one of us feels the need to be known. This is not about being popular or famous, necessarily, but rather, about connection and affirmation. We show up every day, not only for ourselves, but for the people who know... Read More

Mind Your Manners, Pt. I
Posted on 3 Dec 2008 by Duplicate-Do Not Use-Lisa McManus

Do you break out in a cold sweat just contemplating a lunch interview? Does the thought of attending a firm formal fill you with trepidation? How about the myriad dinners scheduled for summer associates? When I was a new associate, I had pretty much mastered... Read More

Bridging the Generational Divide
Posted on 18 Sep 2008 by AME3bg

Cultural translator and generational expert Lynne C. Lancaster has written an interesting article on generation gaps in law firms and how firms can actively manage expectations in ways that can bridge those gaps. After anecdotally identifying some of... Read More

Legal Processing Outsourcing – Do You Need It? – Do You Want It?
Posted on 11 Jun 2008 by AME3bg

One of the latest trends in the legal practice is outsourcing some of the work to outside firms and overseas companies. With legal fees at most firms ranging from $300 to $1,000 per hour, clients seeking to reduce costs may welcome the use of personnel... Read More