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Simplify Your Tax Research
Posted on 26 Oct 2009 by Lexis Hub Staff

Tax Research the Way You Want It Prefer to research tax issues by IRC section? By topic? Either way, LexisNexis® Tax Center makes it easy for you to access exclusive, authoritative analytical materials from CCH®*, Tax Analysts®, Shepard's... Read More

Take the Money and Run: Extracting Equity on a Tax-Free Basis
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

A partnership is often chosen over other structures as the tax entity best suited for the conduct of a business. Inevitably, taxpayers and their advisors must consider the disposition or monetization of their interest in that business. Extracting a taxpayer's... Read More

A Comprehensive Analysis of the "Stimulus Bill"
Posted on 5 Mar 2009 by LexisHub Staff

On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed major new legislation known as the “stimulus bill” which provides $787 billion of tax incentives and spending provisions to improve the economy. To understand the tax implications for your clients... Read More

Tax Court Pretrial Procedures: Pretrial Orders and Conferences, Motions, and Settlement
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

I. STANDING PRETRIAL ORDER A. All Judges Now Use the Same Standing Pretrial Order. 1. The Court attaches the Standing Pretrial Order to the Notice Setting Case For Trial. 2. The Notice Setting Case For Trial is usually received about six months... Read More

Treasury and IRS Release Report Addressing Strategy to Improve Voluntary Compliance with Tax Laws
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

On August 2, 2007, the Treasury Department and the IRS released a report titled “Reducing the Federal Tax Gap.” The report addresses the IRS’s strategy for reducing the tax gap. The report includes seven components and sets out compliance... Read More

Tax-Advantaged Transactions: Controversy and Planning Abound
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

The 2006 Federal Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Coltec Industries, Inc. v. United States has given the Internal Revenue Service another weapon in its aggressive enforcement efforts against taxadvantaged transactions that are specifically structured... Read More

Administrative Procedures: Representation Before the IRS Appeals Office
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

A most important option available to a taxpayer is to appeal proposed audit adjustments to the IRS Appeals Office. Congress agrees and the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998, Pub. L. 105-206 (the "98 Act") required the Service reorganization... Read More

Circular 230 "Best Practices" and Written Advice Standards
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

Final Regulations under Circular 230, issued on December 20, 2004 (T.D. 9165) and as amended May 18, 2005 (T.D. 9201), establish standards for tax "practitioners" providing Covered Opinions and Other Written Advice as well as "best practices"... Read More

Federal Income Tax Considerations in the Choice of Business Entity
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

I. Choices of Business Entity. A. Sole proprietorship. In conducting a business as a "sole proprietorship", an individual (the "sole proprietor") typically segregates a portion of his or her assets and dedicates them to a specific... Read More

Understanding Corporate Taxation
Posted on 10 Jul 2008 by AME3bg

Introduction to the “Corporate Tax” and Resulting Double Taxation A “corporation” is a legal entity created under a state or other statute that allows “incorporation” by persons who become the “shareholders”... Read More

Scam: Income Tax Refund Under Section 501(c)(3)
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

Unfortunately, many citizens not familiar with Section 501(c)(3), are falling for a spam scam. The IRS is reporting that thieves are using a method called phishing, a technique used to acquire personal financial data in order to gain access to the financial... Read More

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Posted on 5 Mar 2009 by Pepper Hamilton LLP

On February 17, 2009 President Obama signed into law the much publicized American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) which contained $787 billion worth of tax incentives and spending provisions intended to help revitalize the economy. The provisions... Read More

Adding Injury to Insult -- Getting the IRS to Pay Your Fees
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

Section 7430 (a) and (b) provide a taxpayer the right to recover costs, including fees of experts and attorneys paid or incurred: 1. In an administrative or court proceeding brought by or against the United States; 2. In which the taxpayer is the... Read More

Appealing an Audit
Posted on 19 Jun 2008 by AME3bg

If your client can't stomach the tax bill received after an IRS audit, you may want to appeal to the IRS for a second look. So many taxpayers are able to downsize the amount of taxes, interest, and penalties owed by appealing that IRS agents grudgingly... Read More

Could you repeat that, please?
Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by AME3bg

Just starting out in the Tax Law field? A basic knowledge of the terms of art is key to impressing your client or managing partner with your ability to handle Tax Law matters competently. Read on for a quick primer! Actions on Decisions - It is the... Read More