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SNR Denton Announces New Leadership Positions For U.S. Region

New Chief Executive, Managing Partner, Head of Litigation and Senior Partner to Join Chairman in US Region

NEW YORK - SNR Denton's Global Chairman and Global Chief Executive announced that the firm has appointed new members to the leadership team for its US Region.

In addition to the current US Chairman role, the firm has established the new positions of US Chief Executive and US Managing Partner, with responsibility for the strategy and operations of the US Region.  The firm also announced a new head of US Litigation along with the non-executive position of US Senior Partner, who will participate in the formulation and pursuit of internal and external relations of the US region. This move aligns the management, governance structures and nomenclature of SNR Denton's regions - Asia Pacific; Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA); and the US.

Peter D. Wolfson will serve as the new US Chief Executive. Wolfson has been an important leader in a number of priority US Region initiatives, including the discussions that led to the creation of SNR Denton.  He is a senior partner in the firm's Restructuring and Insolvency practice who is recognized as one of the US' leading insolvency and restructuring practitioners.  Since joining the New York office more than 10 years ago, Wolfson has lead some of the firm's largest client matters.

Mike McNamara is the new US Managing Partner. During his almost 10 years with the firm in its Washington, D.C., office, McNamara has been deeply engaged in advancing the US Region's growth, including his most recent leadership role in the Business & Regulation Department and serving as the US partner responsible for coordinating integration and matters attendant to the creation and launch of SNR Denton. McNamara presently chairs the US Public Policy and Regulation practice and is co-head of the firm's Government sector.

Roger Heidenreich has been elevated to serve as the head of the US Litigation practice, where he will continue to play a key role on the US management team. As one of the firm's senior Litigation partners, Heidenreich has dedicated his entire legal career to the firm, having started as a summer associate in Chicago before moving to help start our St. Louis office, of which he was head until assuming a leadership role in the Litigation & Disputes Department.

Michael Barr concludes his long-standing distinguished service in leading the US Litigation practice and most recently as chair of the Litigation & Disputes Department to become the US Senior Partner. A member of the SNR Denton Group Board, Barr joined the New York office more than 20 years ago and has lead some of the firm's most important litigation matters.

Wolfson, McNamara, Heidenreich and Barr join Andrew, Jana Barbe (Chicago), Kara Baysinger (San Francisco), Mike Moore (Dallas), and Portnoy as members of the newly formed US Policy & Planning Executive Committee.  

Additional current firmwide regional leaders include: Matthew Jones, the EMEA Chief Executive; Brandon Ransley, UK Managing Partner; Leigh Hall, Middle East Managing Partner; Marla Valdez, Central Asia Managing Partner; and Mitch Dudek, Asia Pacific Partner-in-Charge.

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