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Litigation Profile Suite - A Must Have Tool For Litigators And Litigation Support Professionals!

LexisNexis Litigation Profile Suite is an Early Case Assessment (ECA) tool that delivers comprehensive quantitative and qualitative information that will reveal facts, behaviors, and biases about expert witnesses, judges, and attorneys that help you refine case strategy, manage client expectations and improve litigation outcomes!

Profile Suite is powered through an easy-to-use interface that provides instant insights rather than just a cite list of relevant results. It provides critical information that you can't afford to miss on key players in a case and that can provide the strategic advantage needed to improve litigation outcomes.

Profile Suite enables you to:

  • Effectively formulate and execute case strategy with a visually appealing, easy-to-use, intuitive tool
  • Proactively respond to client (company) concerns to minimize litigation risk and cost
  • Improve ability to represent clients (company) and optimize litigation outcomes

Expert Witness Profiles:

Expert Witness Profiles takes advantage of the largest set of expert witness information available in addition to other sources of information to evaluate an expert, including transcripts, CV's, verdicts and settlements, depositions, testimonial challenges (e.g., Daubert), news, publications, and Lexis Web searching.

Use Expert Witness Profiles when:

  • Seeking to discredit and/or identify grounds for challenging the admissibility of the opposing counsel's expert witness
  • Evaluating the credentials and credibility of an expert witness they may want to retain
  • Identifying a potential expert witness they may want to retain.
  • Performing early and ongoing case assessment

Expert Witness Profiles will help you:

  • Evaluate an expert's credibility by examining:
  • Determine an expert's bias (for a particular side, party, attorney, etc.)
  • Determine how frequently the expert witness testifies (when does the expert have time to practice?)
  • Find gaps or discrepancies in an expert's CV or resume
  • Find the types of cases in which an expert testifies
  • Find out whether the expert's testimony has previously been challenged
  • Uncover any discrepancies in an expert's prior testimony
  • Learn of disciplinary actions taken against the expert
  • Locate news articles and journals which mention or were written by the expert

Judge Profiles:

Judge Profiles will help you best position their case for a successful outcome by providing insight into:

  • A Judge's biographical background, areas of expertise, tendencies in judicial construction, and individual rulings
  • Relevant articles and sentiment culled from news sources and open web content to reveal the judge's ruling patterns and courtroom conduct
  • These profiles will help you:
  • Learn about the types of cases the judge has heard, plus their experience with a particular area of law
  • Uncover tendencies, such as citing unpublished opinions and positions taken on procedural, evidentiary and substantive law questions
  • Read judge-authored materials, such as opinions and law review articles

Attorney Profiles:

Attorney Profiles will help you best position your case for a successful outcome by providing insight into the opposing counsel's prior experience, success rates, and litigation tendencies.

These profiles will help you:

  • Find background on attorneys
  • Get the details on an attorney's particular area of expertise
  • Discover if the attorney has handled similar lawsuits in the past
  • See what kinds of verdicts the attorney has obtained in other cases

How to Access Profile Suite

Expert Witness, Judicial and Attorney Profiles are accessible from both and through a separate url at

On the interface, Profile Suite will found in the following locations:

1. The More Drop-down Box 

2. On the right hand side of the Litigation Practice tab, underneath the Related Litigation Resources box 

3. In the Source selection area of the Expert Witness Analysis, section of the Legal tab under "Profiling and Analysis Tools."  

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Happy Researching!

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