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Kos Pharmaceuticals Pays $41M For Kickbacks, Off-Label Promotion Of Cholesterol Drugs
Posted on 9 Dec 2010 by Tom Moylan

BATON ROUGE, La. - (Mealey's) The Kos Pharmaceuticals subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories Inc. on Dec. 7 entered into a deferred prosecution agreement and agreed to pay a total of $41 million in criminal penalties and False Claims Act settlement for... Read More

Heart Device Maker ELA Medical Pays $9.1M To Settle Kickback Allegations
Posted on 2 Nov 2010 by Tom Moylan

MIAMI -- Heart device maker ELA Medical Inc. will pay $9,178,000 to settle a False Claims Act lawsuit alleging that it paid kickbacks through a distributor to doctors to induce them to use the company's products, according to a settlement filed Nov... Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Won't Review Liability Expansion In False Claim/Kickbacks Case
Posted on 7 Dec 2011 by Tom Moylan

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Supreme Court on Dec. 5 said that it will not review a federal appeals court ruling that found that an orthopedic device company could be sued for false claims and kickbacks based on certification by health care providers that... Read More

Boehringer Ingelheim Pays $95 Million To Settle Off-Label, Kickback Claims In Civil Suit
Posted on 27 Oct 2012 by Tom Moylan

BALTIMORE — Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. will pay $95 million to the federal government to resolve civil allegations that it marketed three drugs for off-label uses, promoted high doses of two drugs and paid kickbacks to health care... Read More

Johnson & Johnson, DePuy Pay $76.9 Million To Settle Foreign Bribery Claims
Posted on 12 Apr 2011 by Tom Moylan

(Mealey's) Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and subsidiary DePuy International Ltd. will pay $76.9 million to resolve criminal and civil allegations in the United States and in the United Kingdom that they paid kickbacks to doctors in Greece, Poland... Read More

Johnson & Johnson Board Panel: Reject Shareholder Litigation
Posted on 22 Jul 2011 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

TRENTON, N.J. - (AP) Johnson & Johnson will take steps to get shareholder lawsuits brought on behalf of the company against its management and directors dismissed and create a board committee to oversee the health care product maker's quality... Read More

Novartis To Pay $422.5M In Marketing, Kickbacks Case
Posted on 1 Oct 2010 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

PHILADELPHIA - (AP) Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. will pay $422.5 million in penalties for marketing an epilepsy medicine for unapproved uses and for paying kickbacks to doctors to prescribe it and five other drugs, federal officials announced Thursday... Read More

Abbott Subsidiary Reaches $41M Settlement Of Kickback Charges
Posted on 8 Dec 2010 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

WASHINGTON, D.C. - (AP) A subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories has agreed to pay more than $41 million to settle allegations that it paid illegal kickbacks to get doctors, physician groups and managed care organizations to prescribe or recommend two of the... Read More

Oracle To Pay $46 Million To Settle Kickbacks Charges
Posted on 1 Feb 2011 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

WASHINGTON, D.C. - (AP) Oracle Corp. has agreed to pay $46 million to settle a lawsuit over alleged kickbacks to win government work. The Department of Justice charged that Sun Microsystems Inc., which Oracle bought last year, and other technology companies... Read More

HP Reaches Settlement With DOJ In Kickbacks Case
Posted on 3 Aug 2010 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

PALO ALTO, Calif. - (AP) Hewlett-Packard Co. said Monday that it has agreed in principle to settle a lawsuit by the Department of Justice, which alleged that HP and other technology companies paid kickbacks to Accenture PLC in exchange for recommendations... Read More

Judge Denies New York Attempt To Amend Intel Lawsuit
Posted on 19 May 2011 by LexisNexis Litigation Resource Community Staff

DOVER, Del. - (AP) A federal judge in Delaware is rejecting a bid by New York's attorney general to amend an antitrust lawsuit against Intel. New York officials alleged in a 2009 lawsuit that Intel had paid billions of dollars in kickbacks to computer... Read More