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Duane Morris: Nevada Ruling Suggests Lenders Wait Until Foreclosure Before Pursuing Guarantor Claim
Posted on 14 Mar 2013 by Duane Morris LLP

In a recent case, the Supreme Court of Nevada agreed that a lender needed to wait until the completion of a foreclosure sale before making a deficiency claim against a guarantor. In Ken L. Templeton Family Trust, et al. v. Eighth Judicial District Court... Read More

Agents Can Remain Independent Contractors, SJC Rules, But Questions Remain
Posted on 11 Jun 2015 by Vetstein Law Group, P.C.

SJC Issues Long Awaited Ruling That Agents Can Be Classified as Both Independent Contractors and Employees, But Leaves Questions The Supreme Judicial Court has just released its long awaited opinion in Monell, et al. v. Boston Pads, LLC , (link... Read More

Mandatory Mediation Program for Superstorm Sandy Claims Instituted In New Jersey
Posted on 10 Apr 2013 by LexisNexis Real Estate Law Community Staff

The New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance just issued a significant new Hurricane Sandy-related order that will affect nearly all insurers doing business in the State of New Jersey. It requires insurers to participate in a mediation program... Read More

Real Cases in Real Estate By Andrea Lee Negroni, Esq. – April 26th, 2013 Update
Posted on 26 Apr 2013 by Andrea Lee Negroni

Real Cases in Real Estate is a weekly update on real estate law, with legal principles illustrated and explained by lawsuits from around the country. The topics are wide-ranging for appeal to a broad spectrum of readers including lawyers, homeowners,... Read More

New York Federal Court Holds That September 11th Was An “Act Of War” For Building Damage Near WTC
Posted on 11 Apr 2013 by Randy J. Maniloff

By Randy J. Maniloff, White and Williams, LLP In the immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, there was intense political pressure on the insurance industry not to invoke the "war risk" exclusion contained in any responsible... Read More

Alaska Landowners Fight Dismissal of Land Seizure Case
Posted on 11 Mar 2013 by William Perry Pendley

By William Perry Pendley, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mountain States Legal Foundation Property owners in Juneau and Seward, for themselves and others throughout Alaska, have responded to attempts by State of Alaska Department of Natural... Read More

Top 15 Most Viewed Real Estate Posts for 2010: 6 - 10
Posted on 9 Dec 2010 by LexisNexis Real Estate Law Community Staff

6. Tax Strategies for Transferring Family Homes From the donor's perspective, the simplest alternative for transferring a family home to children and grandchildren is to make outright gifts of real property interests. In this Analysis, Nancy G... Read More

Cattle Owners Seek Review of Adverse Decision On Water Grazing Rights
Posted on 13 Mar 2013 by William Perry Pendley

By William Perry Pendley, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mountain States Legal Foundation A western, nonprofit, public-interest legal foundation with decades of experience defending the rights of westerners against the federal government... Read More

Stakes Raised In Real Estate Agent Independent Contractor Case
Posted on 11 Feb 2015 by Vetstein Law Group, P.C.

SJC To Hear Important Employment Classification Case The critical question of whether real estate agents are governed by the state’s strict independent contractor law is now headed to the Supreme Judicial Court, the highest appellate court... Read More

When Can Foreclosing Lenders Be Accused Of Acting In Bad Faith?
Posted on 26 Mar 2013 by Peter J. Gallagher

In a recent decision, the Chancery Division denied a lender's motion to strike a borrower's contesting answer in a foreclosure lawsuit, holding that the borrower had adequately pled a claim that the lender acted in bad faith. While this decision... Read More

Vetstein Law Group: GMAC Mortgage and First American Battle At SJC Over Title Insurance Coverage
Posted on 29 Apr 2013 by Vetstein Law Group, P.C.

By Richard D. Vetstein, ESQ Rejects "In For One, In for All" Theory in Title Insurance Coverage One little mistake in drafting and recording legal documents during a refinance can result in a huge problem for a lender - such as the lender... Read More

Working Without a Safety Net: Can Subcontractors and Suppliers Still Sue an Owner for Quantum Meruit and Unjust Enrichment in Virginia
Posted on 11 Apr 2013 by Williams Mullen

By Robert E. Travers, IV Subcontractors and suppliers provide labor, equipment or materials on construction projects without direct contractual relationships with the project owner, the ultimate beneficiary of that work, equipment and materials. In... Read More

Don’t Change The Risk By Adding New Construction Without Additional Insurance
Posted on 18 Apr 2013 by Barry Zalma

In Seneca Insurance Company, Inc., Plaintiff-Appellant-Respondent v. Cimran Co., Inc., et al., Defendants-Respondents-Appellants. , No. 9226 (N.Y.App.Div. 04/09/2013), [ enhanced version available to subscribers ], the parties brought an appeal... Read More