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Divorce, Facebook-style

Divorce attorneys are seeing more and more social media involvement, in particular Facebook, in the cases they take on. Sure Facebook might not be the reason the marriage ended but as an ever-increasing source of evidence of infidelity, it might deserve its title of "marriage killer." Last year a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers showed that Facebook is linked to one in five divorces, with 81 percent of those lawyers saying that social media is the new affair hotbed.

Carin Constantine, a Florida divorce attorney, agrees. Constantine includes social media outlets as a top priority in collecting evidence. Status updates and messages can be used to show that an individual has made contradictory statements, but the most damning items are pictures posted to Facebook. If a particular image captures a spouse in a not-so-favorable light, attorneys can print these and attach them to legal motions as supporting proof of the cheating. And while a user can untag themselves or try to delete the photos, not all of his or her "Friends" will have the highest privacy settings, making them easy access for opposing counsel or even the jilted spouse.

 What do you think? Is Facebook to blame?

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