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Peter S. Vogel: Cyber Rewards – A New Concept In Airline Mileage Reward Program?
Posted on 17 Jul 2015 by Peter S. Vogel

By Peter S. Vogel According to the Washington Post United Airlines “had rewarded two people with 1 million free miles of air travel each for discovering and disclosing software defects through the airlines “bug bounty” program…... Read More

Internet Politics - Senate Filibuster Blocks Cybersecurity Bill
Posted on 10 Aug 2012 by Peter S. Vogel

By Peter S. Vogel At time when cybersecurity is headline news around the world, partisan politics in the U.S. Senate got in the way of new a cybersecurity bill which was different than a bill passed in the U.S. House last April. The New York Times... Read More

Peter S. Vogel: Cloud Data Storage - How Safe?
Posted on 17 Aug 2012 by Peter S. Vogel

By Peter S. Vogel Daily news headlines regularly report lax, or no, security for cloud data. In the past few weeks two very high profile businesses reported cloud breaches - Apple's iCloud and Dropbox. It is no coincidence that my August column... Read More

Google Reports Increased Revenue- But Legal Issue Abound
Posted on 17 Apr 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Q1 revenue increased $8.6 Billion which is 27% higher than a year earlier, however there are a number of critical legal issues facing Google which I included in my recent eCommerce Times column. Those legal challenges include the recent rejection of... Read More

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UK News - Use of Facebook Earn 4 Year Jail Terms
Posted on 17 Aug 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Within 10 days of the riots in the UK a judge sentenced two young men, 20 and 22, to 4 years in jail for using Facebook. Without question Social Media has transformed communications and impacted the UK riots, but one might wonder if the courts may... Read More

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Web 2.0 Update - Facebook Surpasses Google
Posted on 22 Mar 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

Hitwise reports that Facebook became the most visited website in the US for the first time. Kind of takes your breath away that a social media site is getting more traffic than the largest search engine in the US. Since Facebook just went over 400... Read More

Software Patents - US Government vs. Microsoft
Posted on 25 Mar 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

The US Supreme Court will hear argument on April 18 in the patent infringement case in which Microsoft has been enjoined from selling Word with XML features. The US Solicitor General filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court against Microsoft... Read More

Protect Your Business - Update your Terms of Service (TOS) & Click Agreements
Posted on 16 Sep 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

All Social Media and Internet businesses rely on TOS and Click Agreements to protect their legal rights, but few businesses take the time to make sure that the TOS and Click Agreements actually protect their business operations. I welcome you to read... Read More

Google Plans to Take Over Airline Travel
Posted on 9 Jul 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

Google plans to buy ITA Software who provides airline travel utilities to American, Continental, Hotwire, Kayak, Orbitz, Microsoft's Bing, among other companies. Of course this purchase for $700 million will require federal scrutiny given the antitrust... Read More

Texas Attorney General Reviewing Google Search Engine
Posted on 5 Sep 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

A number of allegations that Google manipulates search engine results has led to an investigation of possible antitrust violations. Google has now responded about its search engine fairness about why some websites get higher rankings than others: "The... Read More

Senator Sends Letter to Apple Complaining about iPhone/iPad Location Logging
Posted on 24 Apr 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Researchers reported that Apple iOS4 operating system secretly logs unencrypted location data for iPhones, iPads, and those computers on which the devices synch to iTunes. Apparently the data resides on these devices only, so the largest problem will... Read More

Tags: Apple , iPhone , iPad , eCommerce

Apple Stores in China Counterfeit!
Posted on 28 Jul 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

As a retailer Apple appears to be second to no one, but since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery is it any wonder that a blogger visiting China recently discovered more than one counterfeit "Apple Store " selling Apple products... Read More

10 Billion Apps Downloaded - Wow!
Posted on 25 Jan 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Apple claims 160 million iPhone, iPod, and iPad users world-wide and given the popularity of Apple apps- it's no surprise at Apple's announcement of 10 billion apps downloaded. The 10 billion apps comes on the heels of Steve Jobs' announcement... Read More

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Google & YouTube Not Liable For Copyright Infringement
Posted on 24 Jun 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

Viacom lost its $1 billion lawsuit against Google and YouTube for alleged copyright infringement when a judge granted summary judgment. YouTube's defense was that it used the "safe harbor" protection of the Digital Millennium Copyright... Read More

Wikipedia Not Legal Authority in US Federal Courts
Posted on 11 Apr 2011 by Peter S. Vogel

Although Social Media users rely on information posted on Wikipedia , a recent ruling in a US Federal Court is a reminder that US Federal Courts refuse to accept Wikipedia as a credible source. U.S. District Judge Charles Simpson of Louisville, Kentucky... Read More