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The Immediate Need to Optimize Medical Records for the Gulf Oil Spill

By  Joe Russell, SVP General Counsel & Corporate Development of MedNeutral, LLC


SAN DIEGO:   The Gulf Oil spill may be finally coming to an end, but the rash of personal injury claims are just beginning.  While there will be numerous legitimate claims, there will undoubtedly be a number of more questionable claims.  Separating the legitimate claims from the questionable claims and valuing the legitimate claims when scores of claims are being filed requires a scalable solution capable of processing voluminous medical records, identify factors which impact value, establishes legitimacy of claims and expedites the resolution of claims.


MedNeutral is a San Diego based company focused on optimizing medical records.  It has processed millions of pages of medical records for customers, from small law firms to one of the three largest property and casualty companies in the US.  MedNeutral performs triage on the medical records with a range of solutions from organizing and indexing medical records and providing the structured results in an online accessible solution, to summarizing the claims based on key descriptors that the law firm or other agencies desire to review, to abstracts of the medical records performed by medically trained personnel.  The processed reports can be searched and sorted and the underlying source document is accessible and searchable too.


“The next phase in the Gulf Oil spill will be the accumulation and processing of medical records for personal injury claims” reported Joe Russell, General Counsel for MedNeutral.  “Our Medical Records Optimization™ solution can be an invaluable tool to sort through the records and aid in the expeditious processing of claims.  Our sympathy goes to those individuals impacted by the oil spill, and we’re proud to offer a solution which will expedite the processing of the claims which will benefit all the parties.”


MedNeutral enhances the services of in-house review, including paralegal and legal nurse consultants, with its core solution that processes and organizes the records, enabling the reviewer to provide more value added services.  As the need arises, MedNeutral can provide even more analysis and insights on the claim, highlighting key data fields from within the medical record which are critical for case evaluation (such as class qualification, alternate causation and other factors which may mitigate damages), provide medical context, identify pre-existing conditions, and report on missing records.

The processed data can be shared with as many other users as the law firm authorizes, plus the user can apply electronic “sticky-notes” to their review which may be shared with others or not.  MedNeutral’s summaries enable rapid comprehension of key case details and more efficient processing of the claims.  The solution can also be a central repository for the medical records, allowing multiple law firms to access the processed information as well as to split the costs.


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