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Workers' Compensation

The Dearly Deported Finally Depart: DE Supreme Court Affirms on Issue of Illegal Aliens

Folks, I will make this brief.  If you want more detail check my posts of 2/9/12 and 10/25/12 regarding what happens when an illegal alien is deported and is thus not available for a ("DME").  The IAB as well as the Superior Court rejected the carrier's claim that the deportation worked a  forfeiture based on Section 2353 incarceration status or Section 2343 failure/refusal to attend a DME......meaning a DME in the U.S.

Here is what Jessica Welch (this is her case on behalf of the injured worker) had to say:

"The Supremes affirmed the Superior Court in this case today. Not sure if you want a copy or not. It's just one page indicating the Superior Court's decision being affirmed. "

The decision is attached, courtesy of fellow barrister Henry Davis who was kind enough to contact me even before Jess.

Irreverently yours,
Cassandra Roberts

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