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Workers' Compensation

As the Temperature Climbs, So Do the Rates: DE Dept. of Labor 2012-2013 Rates Released

I may be the lone wolf (along with Mike Sensor) here in the office this happy 5th of July, but nothing is gonna get past me and as the rest of you lay on those sweltering beaches, I am up on the skinny at the Department of Labor.  Which is basically money, money and more of it....a whole new reason to hang out there on comp.

Seriously, the new max rate is a whopping $645.01.  The state minimum is now $215.00.  The max attorney's fee allowance climbs to $9675.20 (and I can think of a few folks who are going to retire that much sooner....).

And always remember-if the claimant's average weekly wage is less than the minimum of $215.00, then the AWW and the comp rate are the actual cool is that?

Delaware Workers' Compensation Rates, Effective July 2, 2012.

Irreverently yours,
Cassandra Roberts

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