Workers' Compensation

The Masked Wrestler’s Lament

Lex Larson

(Lyrics and Performance by Lex Larson)

This moving ballad is inspired by an actual case: Gyarmati v. George E. Fern Co., 2002 Ohio 4323 (Ct. App. 2002).*  Set to one of the many versions of the traditional song “Red Rocking Chair,” the song documents the woes of a gentleman who is out of work on disability for a purported back injury.  While collecting workers’ compensation, our protagonist, unknown to his employer, works as a professional wrestler.  For reasons that later become clear he always wears a mask while wrestling.  But things start to unravel for him when the script calls for him to be unmasked by his opponent.

This performance features a rare guest appearance by the Oscar Larson Kazoo Trio (you can never have too many kazoos!)

*Some artistic liberty has been taken with the facts.


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