Workers' Compensation

National and State-by-State Workers' Comp News Roundup Powered by Larson's (2/4/2013)

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Study Examines Relationship Between Health Care Settings, Physical Rehab for Injured Workers.

NIOSH Study Shows Female and Young Low Wage Earners at Risk for Hypertension.

WCRI: States With Charge-Based Fee Rules Had Higher Hospital Costs.

US DOL Reaches Settlement w/Contractor re Failure to Report Injuries Under Defense Base Act.

US DOL Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Family Leave Medical Act.

MSHA Reports Fatality Rates in 2012 at All Time Low.

EEOC Reports Nearly 100,000 Job Bias Charges in FY 2012.

President Obama Questions Violence to Football Players’ Bodies.


AK: State Dept of Labor Continues Investigation Into Hiring of Former PA Judge.

AZ: SB 1148 Would Establish Rules re Out of State Injuries.

AR: Governor Selects Ricky Belk as New Labor Dept. Director.

CA: DWC Issues Notice re Public Hearings for SJDB, Interpreter Regulations.

CA: Senate Rules Committee Schedules Feb. 13 Confirmation Hearing for Commissioner Sweeney.

CA: Total Cost of Non-Calif. Football Player WC Claims Filed in California to Reach $1.2B.

CA: Crum & Forster Hires George Burr as VP of Calif. Workers’ Comp Claims.

CT: WCC Announces Modifications to Weekly Benefit Tables.

DE: Dept of Insurance Announces Substantial Rise in Captives.

DE: Lt. Gov. Matt Denn to Head Panel to Address Soaring Workers Comp Rates.

FL: HB 483 Would Provide Credit to Employers/Carriers re Repackaged Drug Prices.

GA: Stephen Hasner Elected to Board of Directors for Workers’ Compensation Claimant Lawyers.

HI: HB 272 Would Make Abusive Conduct Against Public Employees a Safety and Health Violation.

HI: HB 144 Would Add Registration, Fee Requirements for PEOs.

HI: HB 312 Would Exclude From “Employment” Service Done for Individual’s Spouse.

HI: HB 436 Would Require Impartial Exam by Doctor Whose Specialty Is Appropriate for Injury.

HI: HB 437 Would Require IMEs and Permanent Impairment Ratings by Specified Physicians.

HI: SB 876 Would Establish Dispute Procedures Re Specific Medical Service Charges.

HI: HB 152 Would Increase Maximum Allowable Medical Fees to 130% of Medicare RBRVS.

HI: SB 1302 Would Restrict Reimbursement of Repackaged Drugs, Compound Meds.

IL: Insurance Director Issues Revised Bulletin on Offshoring UR, TPA.

IL: Rep. Kay to Introduce 3 Workers’ Comp Bills, Details to Be Announced Within Two Weeks.

IL: HB 107 Would Change Definition of “Injury” With Respect to Aggravation of Pre-existing Condition.

IL: HB 108 Would Amend Laws re Determination of Partial Disability.

IL: HB 109 Would Amend Laws re Notice of Accident Given to Employer.

IL: HB 111 Would Amend Laws re Computation of Compensation for Partial Disability Injuries.

IL: HB 112 Would Restrict Physicians Allowed to Determine Impairment Level of Carpal Tunnel Injuries.

IL: HB 113 Would Enable Employee to Overcome Rebuttable Presumption of Intoxication.

IL: HB 114 Would Allow Appeals of IWCC Decisions on State Employee’s Claims to Circuit Court.

IL: HB 115 Would Allow CMS to Charge Employing State Agency for Workers’ Comp Medical Expenses.

IA: Workers Comp Commissioner Sues Governor for Sexual Preference Discrimination.

KS: High Court Rules Undocumented Worker Entitled to Benefits Pre-Reforms.

MN: Governor Names Three Finalists for Workers’ Compensation Appeals Judge.

MS: WCC Posts Update to Maximum Benefit and Mileage Rate Charts.

MT: Houses Passes HB 130 to Revised Uninsured Employer’s Fund Laws.

NE: Fatal Injuries Decreased by 15 Percent in 2011.

NV: Nevada Employers to See Small Bump in Workers Comp Premium Payments.

NJ: Chief Judge Calderone Posts Medicare SMART Act Memorandum.

NJ: SB 762 Would Increase Claimant’s Attorney’s Fees.

NJ: SB 1671 Would Create Rebuttable Presumption That Intoxication Causes Work Injury.

NJ: AB641 Would Exclude Certain Illegal Aliens From WC and Temporary Disability Benefits.

NJ: AB 197 Would Create Review Commission on Workers’ Compensation.

NJ: AB 1196 Would Expand Presumptions of Compensability for First Responders.

NJ: AB 2652 Would Ban Charging Claimants for Medical Expenses.

NJ: AB 3423 Would Authorize Collective Bargaining of Alternative WC Program, Group Self-Ins. Plans.

NJ: SB 1134 Would Increase Workers Comp for Loss of Hand or Foot.

NJ: AB 680 Would Change Workers Comp Requirements for Certain Corporations.

NM: SB 275 Workers’ Comp Clean Up Bill Filed.

NY: NYWCA Posts 2013 Legislative Agenda.

NY: Court Affirms WCB Decision Denying Benefits; Internal Investigation Did Not Spur Suicide.

NC: Lawmakers to File Bills to Deter Workers Comp Insurance Cheaters.

OH: BWC Commits $50M to KTR Industrial Fund for State Insurance Fund.

OH: Attorneys for 270,000 Businesses File Claim for BWC Restitution.

OK: GOP Lawmakers Assure Businesses of Workers Comp Changes.

OK: Most Stakeholders Agree Workers Comp Changes Needed.

OR: WCD Provides Guidance on Gainful Occupation re Eligibility for PPD Benefits.

RI: Workers Comp Chief Judge Questions 8-Year Nonpayment of $1M Penalty by Night Club.

TN: SB 124 Would Allow State Labor Dept to Obtain WC Insurance Compliance Information.

TN: Governor Files Workers Comp Bill to Shift Claims to New Administrative Court.

TX: DWC Proposes Rule Change re Certification of MMI, Evaluation of Permanent Impairment.

TX: DWC Adopts Rule Changes re Reporting Standards, State Specific Requirements.

WA: Senate Postpones Vote on Workers Comp Changes.

WA: GOP Lawmaker Pushes Bill for Structured Settlements in Catastrophic Injury Cases.